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Pay Equity

Employers need to be confident they are delivering equal pay. Employers need to be ready for greater pay transparency. WTW can help you pay fairly and communicate clearly.

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Driving and sustaining change

We help you identify the root causes of pay inequities and the change you may need to make to how pay is managed in order to reduce the risks of inequities recurring. For many clients, this is a journey and can take several years. We support clients in building local buy in, developing manager guidance, accountability and reporting.

Pay equity analytics

We help you pay people fairly. We work with you to:

  • Develop a global approach to carrying out pay analytics
  • Use pay analytics software to conduct the analytics efficiently and effectively
  • Understand the analytical outcomes and the remedial actions needed
  • Integrate the analytics into your regular pay management process
  • Roll out your approach across markets, aligned to the EU Directive

Pay transparency

Alongside the analytics, we enable your path to pay transparency:

  • Assess the readiness of your job and pay structures
  • Review your policies on hire, promotion and annual review
  • Develop your approach to educating leaders, managers and employees on pay
  • Develop your communication strategy and supporting materials
  • Build your global narrative aligned with your DEI and ESG narrative
Infographic image showing employer confidence on equal pay and greater transparency
Employer confidence on equal pay and greater transparency

Bringing together global and local regulatory requirements

We support on local regulatory requirements, integrating these into your broader pay equity approach.

Pay transparency (US, Canada and EU Directive)
Gender pay gap statistics (UK, Ireland, Japan)
Equal pay and index analyses (France, Switzerland)
Workplace equality plans, wage registries, salary policies (Spain, Portugal)
Employment equity compliance (Canada)


Telling your story

Developing a strategy for how and what you will communicate is essential in the success of your pay equity journey. Expectations of pay transparency and the types of internal and external stakeholders you need to communicate to are growing. We work with organizations in crafting how, when and where to tell their fair pay story as well as how to integrate it with their broader equity, diversity and inclusion agenda.

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