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Public Private Partnerships (PPP/P3)

With a global requirement for significant infrastructure investment, public private partnerships (PPP) remain a pre-eminent procurement methodology by which the public sector can meet its requirements to deliver key social and economic infrastructure.

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Effective risk transfer

The effective understanding, allocation and transfer of project risk is key to successful PPP delivery.  Engaged by the PPP sector since the early 1980’s, Willis Towers Watson consistently delivers valuable risk advisory and insurance placement services and strategies to support project stakeholders.

Our services are delivered by specialists with wide industry expertise that covers private sector participants, financiers and public sector bodies.  Our extensive experience allows us to address the interests and motivations of all project parties, including negotiating positive outcomes for clients across the supply chain and dealing with the potential conflicts that may arise.

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Our PPP team provides a strategic approach to major infrastructure projects across their whole lifecycle driving excellence and connectivity to deliver value to our clients.

Our sector experience includes transport, waste, water and utilities, airports/aerospace, health, defense, education, police/custodial, training, and accommodation, and allows us to provide practical advice and deliver strategic risk solutions relevant to each.

Bringing value thoughout the project lifecycle

PPP focuses on partnership, so we mirror that in our approach to project engagements by:

  • Understanding the project risks: Our team of experienced PPP and sector professionals will assist you in the review of the project risks and your strategy towards risk allocation and transfer.
  • Understanding the role of insurance: A fundamental of PPP is the transfer of risks from the public to the private sector and insurance is a key risk acceptance tool for the private sector and their financiers.
  • Understanding the interests of all the project parties: PPP projects involve multiple parties with varying objectives.  Our global teams advise all parties to PPP projects including governments, equity, contractors, operators and lenders.  
  • Understanding the contractual regime: We are practised at negotiating contractually compliant and timely insurance solutions, using the correctly formatted evidence of such cover. 
  • Understanding the project lifecycle: With project durations of up to 20-30 years,  we are experienced in advising on whole life costing and sustainable terms for operators, equity and secondary investors.
  • Broking appropriate insurance cover: Our strong sector expertise and insurance market insight will ensure that you get the right insurance solution at the right price.
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