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HR Summit 2021 – Making an Impact

The challenges of 2020 tested the resilience and adaptability of everyone, all over the world. And 2021 further demonstrated the need for organisations to address the ways in which the pandemic affected both employees and clients, the communities in which they live and work, and society and the environment at large. But accompanying the challenges are opportunities to make an impact.

In our HR Summit 2021 – Making an Impact, we hosted a programme of events built around key HR industry themes and hot topics. These events featured well-known experts, authors, researchers, journalists and business innovators who have made a real difference in their chosen fields. Covering practical, regulatory, specialist and thought leadership topics, it is an ideal opportunity for you to gain the skills and knowledge that you need to succeed in this ever-changing environment.

Replays from each webcast are available below and each section includes links to related articles and recent research.

The critical role of HR in responding to the climate challenge

In this webcast we offer advice on how organisations can help manage climate risk, and show you how to start turning climate strategy into meaningful activity at every level of your company.

Improving the employee experience

In this webcast, we use our latest research findings to explore actions, practices and trends for building a modern employee experience – one that generates lasting value for your employees and your business.

The accelerating fair pay agenda – are you keeping up?

In this webcast, we provide practical tips to help you identify whether your organisation is keeping up and ready for changes that are on the horizon through the EU fair pay transparency directive.

Transforming the great resignation into the great hire

In this webcast, we explore the key drivers that employers need to consider in order to drive success and set their organisations apart from the crowd.

Effective health and wellbeing strategies to create employee resilience and business stability

In this webcast, we review key takeaways from our recent Benefit Trends research and share insights on wellbeing and building resilience.

HR technology of the future that impacts employees’ experiences

In this webcast, we highlight our technology and how this can help you listen effectively, simplify and aggregate, and then nudge and support your people at each stage of the employee experience.

Breaking the mould: How to shape a pay strategy to reward digital talent

In this webcast, we highlight the challenges that organisations are facing in terms of rewarding digital talent and we will also look at the practical considerations to overcome these.

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