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HR technology of the future that impacts employees’ experiences

November 11, 2021

In this webcast, we highlight our technology and how this can help you listen effectively, simplify and aggregate, and then nudge and support your people at each stage of the employee experience.
Employee Engagement |Work Transformation

Technology has unquestionably played a very major role in enabling organizations to weather the challenges of the pandemic, ensuring that work could continue even while many employees were forced to stay at home. However, this merging of work and home life has also had some profound and unforeseen impacts on employee productivity, engagement, and wellbeing. How that technology is deployed can also have a big impact on Employee Experience (EX). Our recent global survey on EX highlights what transformative organizations have done and how they have deployed technology to successfully drive EX, emerging stronger than their peers.

At Willis Towers Watson, we describe Employee Experience (EX) as ‘the moments that matter’ between an employee and employer. Organizations are looking at refining the analytics and insights gathered, listening to employees, and bringing ways for them to act, drive change and make an impact. Our technology is designed with each of these in mind, working together to help you invest and support your greatest asset, your people.

In this webcast we will hear from colleagues about the research from our Global EX survey, how technology can support organizations to listen more effectively, using a single portal to simplify and aggregate all of the elements of the EX, and, finally, how gamification can be combined with technology to nudge employees to take action.


Insights related to our sixth session:

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