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Climate Risk and Financial Stewardship Summit

The Climate Risk and Financial Stewardship Summit examined the evolving stewardship role of financial institutions as the whole economy transitions to a net-zero and climate resilient future. Sessions explored climate-related business impacts across people, capital and risk, providing insights on the challenges and opportunities in pricing climate risk and demonstrate the benefits of developing a climate-minded culture across organisations.

Willis Towers Watson experts alongside industry leaders and influencers led sessions on:

  1. Session One:

    Stewardship and Systemic Resilience - Policy and Practice

    The evolving policy and regulatory landscape; the practicalities of enhanced financial sector stewardship and ‘The Duty of Ownership’ - the part asset owners and asset managers play in supporting a world transitioning to a net-zero and climate resilient economy

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  2. Session Two:

    Culture, Governance and Incentives

    How organisations embrace the essential cultural and people aspects of addressing climate-related risks and opportunities; driving lasting behaviour change and empowering people as the advocates and enablers of climate strategy.

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  3. Session Three:

    Pricing climate risk effectively

    How to price physical and transition climate risks; assessment and measurement, current and emerging finance and insurance solutions, technical enablers of assessment and risk mitigation – data, modelling and analytics – and how physical and transition risk assessment and quantification must integrate.

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  4. Session Four:

    Climate risk and stewardship for pension schemes - what do you need to know now?

    How pension schemes can have an impact in combatting climate change and the actions pension schemes are taking to address these issues. 

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  5. Session Five:

    The evolving climate risk regulatory landscape – what (re)insurers should be thinking about now

    Upcoming regulatory requirements and expectations and how these impact insurers’ climate related financial disclosures including a focus on Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCDF) and drivers and enablers for insurers to embed climate risk, as part of the broader integration of ESG into business decisions.

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