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Securing the summit: Essential cyber controls for insurable business risks

January 10, 2024

Our cyber team provide a run through of a ten-part Cyber Controls Checklist to ensure your business is resilient to the ever growing list of cyber-threats.
Cyber Risk Management|Financial, Executive and Professional Risks (FINEX)
Securing the Summit: Essential Cyber Controls for Insurable Business Risks session

Martin Berry and Andrzej Koper from our Cyber Risk Management team take us through the Cyber Controls Checklist to help mitigate the effects of cyber incidents on your organisation.

Key Takeaways

  1. 01

    Apply all layers

    Each point of this checklist is designed to protect your business from cyber threats. Make sure you implement each factor from the list of ten controls to ensure ultimate protection.

  2. 02

    Risk landscape

    Risk landscapes come in all shapes and sizes. Take time to align the controls to your own unique risks and threat landscape.

  3. 03

    Security automation

    Automation of your cyber security measures can can help build an efficient resiliency whilst giving you time back to do what you do best, running your business.

  4. 04

    Do the basics

    Doing the basics includes carrying out patching responsibilities and system updates. Housekeeping is a key factor in ensuring the Cyber Controls Checklist offers the resiliency needed for your business in a world with ever-evolving threats.

Cyber Controls Checklist

The focal point of this session is our Cyber Controls Checklist. This 10-point guide will assist your business resilience and insurability against a wide range of cyber threats.

You can request a copy of the checklist by providing your details on the right of this page.


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Senior Associate, Cyber Risk Consultant – Global FINEX Cyber
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