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Operational Risk Solutions

Our risk management service will support your understanding of your business's risks and optimize your insurance program accordingly.

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Risks are diverse across every organization, so how can your organization ensure that it has maximized coverage for your unique insurable risks?

It’s crucial that an organization’s vulnerabilities are identified to provide sufficient cover for all insurable risks.

Who do we work with?

We have been trusted to help manage risks and provide unique risk management solutions for a range of global business sectors including:

  • Financial Institutions

  • Asset Managers

  • Insurers

  • Investment Managers

  • Banks

  • Technology Companies

How do we help?

We understand your business faces challenges that consistently evolve. Which is why our team of experts bring together experience and understanding developed over the years to support businesses to improve in areas such as:

  • Identifying risks
  • Validating risk landscapes
  • Insurability of risks
  • Managing insurance buying within budgetary constraints
  • Analysis of contentious claims
  • Improve business models
  • Analysis and impact reporting on emerging risks
  • Identify third party risks
  • Understand and address Cyber risk
  • Integrate insurance benefits into capital framework

Why choose us?

Customised Service

Your business’s risk profile is unique.

By offering a case-by-case solution, our team will collaborate with you along your risk journey to ensure comprehensive oversight on gaps in your insurance coverage.

Our team has access to extensive loss databases by which in-depth analysis can be produced to help your business manage its risk and transfer risk to insurance wherever possible.

Data Driven Solutions

Understanding your risk landscape involves data, and lots of it.

We help validate your operational risk model by providing a comprehensive scenario dataset, containing key risk scenarios to help you better understand your risk landscape and how risk manifests itself in your business. We are then able to utilise this data to make recommendations and provide solutions on how to insure your business risks.

Emerging Risk Insights

How do you know if your organization is resilient to future risks?

Fortunately, our team are experts in identifying emerging risks and helping businesses manage them. The robust analysis framework we set out supports the discovery of emerging risks to help safeguard your future business.

Our Global Approach

Businesses operating in a challenging global environment will be exposed to risks in all shapes and sizes.

Therefore, working alongside a risk management service with experience across all sectors and geographies is beneficial to your business.

Our geographical spread allows us to match your footprint and offer a customised and specific solution every time.

Knowledge Sessions


Knowledge sessions on operational risk

A series of educational videos answering FAQs on risk and insurance. Our risk teams show how they can offer insights into analytical, consultative, data-driven solutions for understanding organizational risk.

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