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Article | Managing Risk

Retail Futures report: Your roadmap to resilience

By Teresa Long | October 18, 2023

Plot your course through the major risks and opportunities facing the retail sector, from managing the metaverse to finding the right influencer strategy, with WTW’s latest research.
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What trends and strategic issues will define retailers’ success or failure in the next ten years, and how can you make sure your risk management and insurance strategy is right for your future business model? Given the growing complexity of the global business environment what impact will this interconnectivity of risks have on the retail sector?

We aim to give you answers to these and other questions in WTW’s Retail Futures Report. Partnering with researchers from Mack Institute’s Collaborative Innovation Program (CIP) at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and forward thinking inc., WTW provides clarity on emerging exposures and openings facing retailers.

The resulting report illuminates the evolving risk landscape for retailers, offering actionable insight across a range of key topics:

  • Effectively delivering omni-channel consumer shopping experiences
  • Deploying technologies to overcome operational and supply chain disruption
  • Harnessing climate and sustainability drivers for long-term resilience
  • Using AI effectively and ethically
  • Selecting the right influencer strategy by understanding the upsides and risks
  • Managing the impact of automation on employment patterns
  • Mitigating risk of violence and civil unrest.

Identifying emerging risk frontiers is the first step to addressing and maximising them, which is why WTW’s Retail Futures Report delves into the metaverse and the evolving impact of AI, as well as the most pertinent risk issues of the day, including how to protect employee wellbeing in light of increasing violence and mental distress.

For smarter ways to navigate the risks and opportunities in retail today and tomorrow, get in touch with our Retail Practice experts.

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