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The Road Ahead for Defined Contribution Savings

August 12, 2022

In this webcast, we delved into the findings from WTW’s latest DC Savings Survey and shared useful insights on DC pension provision and financial wellbeing.
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Gemma Burrows, Director, Retirement at WTW, shared some highlights from our Defined Contribution (DC) Savings Survey 2022, which explores trends and insights amongst employers offering DC pension provision.

DC provision has continued to evolve and since auto-enrolment commenced ten years ago, many employers who amended or replaced their DC pension arrangements at that time are now finding these solutions are starting to look dated and in need of modernisation.

According to WTW’s latest DC survey, employers are looking to better understand and address the needs of employees by making changes to their DC design that will deliver improved support and outcomes.

Gemma was joined by Retirement practice colleagues, James Colegrave, Andy Hope and Amy Bell, who each shared their own perspectives on emerging themes from across the DC landscape.

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