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Defined contribution: navigating climate change

Physical and transition risk

July 13, 2022

Climate change is already impacting investment markets and this will only increase. How is this impacting your members’ journey to retirement? How can you help them to the destination reliably and on time?
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Climate Risk and Resilience
Climate change and the DC journey

A look into how climate change could impact your member's journey to retirement.

The value of investments may be damaged directly because some industries fall out of favour in the transition to a greener economy. There could also be opportunities for greater returns as new industries thrive. Understanding the financial impact of the physical and transition risk is essential. Your members are likely to be invested over the course of the transition to net zero, the ability to integrate these risks will impact long term outcomes.

As well as protecting members financial interests, we believe in driving capital allocations that achieve a better world for members to retire into. Let’s make a change.

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