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Airport Risk Community (ARC)

The Airport Risk Community provides a network through which knowledge and expertise can be shared to create a stronger and more resilient airport industry.

Willis Towers Watson created the Airport Risk Community (ARC) as a result of the experience gained through working in partnership with the airport industry.

The Airport Risk Community facilitates global connectivity by linking groups of professionals who are experiencing common industry risks and concerns. This collaborative approach benefits you by providing a network through which knowledge and expertise can be shared, whilst advising on emerging risks and trends within the sector.

In the current unprecedented times, we continue to deliver activities including webinars, promoting sector research projects and working groups on core initiatives, as well as building strategic industry partnerships to the benefit of our community.

Please contact us if you wish to find out how your company can work in partnership with the Airport Risk Community or alternatively participate in any future events.

ARC is actively delivering the following benefits:

Strategic partnerships

ARC facilitates important partnerships, such as the collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Airport Operators Association

Client webinars and thought leadership

Delivering specific forums and content on current risk concerns

Airport exchanges

Facilitating exchanges between airports to share experiences and best practice

Climate risk strategies

Developing strategies to address the materiality of climate risk

Airport Risk Community

Opening up a world of opportunity: The Airport Risk Community focuses on people and asset risk and has been launched to globally connect the airport community.

Global Airport Research Project

The Airport Risk Community (ARC) is working with the Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, a long term Willis Research Network partner, to develop an annual index of possible disruptors for over 110 international airports.

This study takes an analytical approach to look at the range of disruptive threats that airports face as a result of global trends – geopolitical, technology, environmental, social and governance – and how prepared they are. The research includes a selection of airports and the potential impacts from severe disruptor threats over the next 3 to 5 years.

As airports look to recover from COVID-19, the airport risk index could be used for benchmarking and understanding key risk drivers and vulnerabilities, as well as supporting informed decision making about building resilience to facilitate business growth. The index will also help assess the vulnerability of organisations relying on airports as a route for access (or for their supply chains).

We hope to publish the index in 2022. For more information regarding the wider benefits of this project, please contact us.

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