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Trends in global retirement

Stay up to date with the latest retirement trends from around the globe.

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The retirement benefit landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade, and its evolution toward more cost-effective solutions is ongoing. The following resources provide multinational employers with a deep look into the world of global retirement and the trends we’re tracking.

A broad look at global retirement

Global Retirement Management

Support for the management of a multinational organization’s defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit (DB) retirement plans around the world.

Mastering DC plans globally

A global approach navigates local complexities to improve employee experience and manage employer risks.

Mastering global pension risks globally

Multinationals that approach their DB pension risks in a structured way succeed in implementing their risk reduction goals around the world.

International Pension Plan Survey Report 2023

This year’s survey includes an overview of the key trends, including an increased use of IPPs and ISPs driven by the need for organisations to offer pensions that are sustainable and inclusive.

Pensions: Global Accounting Consolidation and Risk Management

Is your multinational company interested in a more effective way to consolidate and monitor the financials of your pension debt?

Global market updates

Global Pension Finance Watch – First Quarter 2024

Resilient economic data drove a positive and more stable first quarter of 2024 compared to the final quarter of 2023.

Global Gender Wealth Equity Report

Our Wealth Equity Index reveals a significant gender wealth gap at retirement. We explore the effects of career, family support, life events and financial literacy on wealth accumulation.

Global pension assets rebound past USD 55 trillion

Global pensions assets returned to growth in 2023, rising in aggregate by 11% to reach USD 55.7 trillion.

Global legislative updates

Brazil: New automatic enrollment and taxation options in supplemental retirement plans

Employer sponsors of supplemental retirement plans in Brazil can now allow for automatic enrollment, and participants can defer the choice of tax treatment until retirement.

Ireland: Auto-enrollment retirement savings system moves ahead

Employers have much to do to prepare as Ireland moves closer toward auto-enrolling employees in a government-run pension plan.

Netherlands: Pension reforms final

Netherlands requires that all pension plans transition to a defined contribution basis.

United States: IRS guidance on SECURE 2.0 provisions

The IRS answers questions on key provisions of SECURE 2.0 and plan amendment deadlines to help retirement plan sponsors implement required changes.

U.A.E.: New voluntary account-based system for funding end-of-service benefits

Employers in the U.A.E. can now opt into a new system allowing them to fund individual future end-of-service benefits by contributing monthly to an employee’s defined contribution account.

United Kingdom: Proposals for pension plans to help boost U.K. growth

U.K. unveils pension fund reform as part of a plan to support a more consolidated market for employers and provide better outcomes for plan participants.

South Korea: Deadline nearing for employers to set default fund in their DC retirement plans

Employers in South Korea have until July 11, 2023 to implement a significant change affecting members’ retirement investment choice.

Spain: Amendments to the laws on pension plans and collective dismissals

Spain boosts access to pension plans to support temporary workers and partial retirees, among others, and adds notice protections for workers facing dismissal due to a workplace closure.

Spain: State pension reforms — cost versus sustainability

Spain enacts changes to its pension system to finance future needs by increasing the retirement age and boosting contribution levels for both employers and employees.

United States: Retirement and benefit provisions enacted, including mandatory auto-enrollment in new DC plans

Federal budget package brings major changes to U.S. retirement plan access and administration to encourage more retirement savings.

Germany: First pure DC retirement plans established

Employers throughout Germany will want to consider making changes to their existing pension plans now that the first pure defined contribution retirement plans are being implemented.

Poland: Automatic enrollment of employees in PPK retirement plans, again

Employers in Poland should prepare to automatically enroll their workers who currently aren’t in a PPK retirement plan, effective March 1, 2023.

India: New labor codes affect employer-provided benefits including provident funds, and industrial relations

Four new labor codes will give some employers more flexibility in dismissing employees and could significantly increase employers’ benefit costs and liabilities.

France: Increasing the minimum retirement age

France’s plans to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 and increase the number of years people will need to work to get a full pension encounter protests nationwide.

United Kingdom: New climate risk reporting rules for pension funds

U.K.’s largest pension schemes must take steps now to comply with mandatory reporting on climate-related risks and opportunities.

United States: 2024 plan-level reporting and disclosure requirements under ongoing calendar-year qualified plans

This article provides reporting and disclosure requirements under ongoing calendar-year qualified plans in the United States.

United States: 2024 inflation-adjusted limits announced for a range of employee benefit plans

The 2024 tax-related limits could affect the design, administration and tax reporting for employee retirement and benefit-related plans.

Ireland: IORP II Directive

New regulations signed by the Minister for Social Protection begin the process of implementing the biggest change to occur in Irish pension governance in over three decades.

United Kingdom: New Pensions Regulator powers will impact M&A

From early 2022, changes in U.K. rules will impact global companies with (or who may acquire) U.K. defined benefit obligations.

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