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Global News Briefs

A focus on headquarters and multi-country research and thought leadership in benefits and total rewards. Covering the latest thinking on issues vital to the success of your organization and your people, such as retirement, benefits management, diversity, wellbeing and financial resilience, and more. With a curated selection of related legislative changes in individual countries and legislatures.

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Featured articles this month

  1. Greater and better participation in retirement plans: Navigating complexity around the world

    In this webcast, we explored the global trend for mandatory auto-enrollment, why this matters for companies, and examine the barriers to good participation and outcomes.

  2. AI in M&A: A paradigm shift for dealmakers

    AI is poised to transform M&A, speed up the deal process and save billions of dollars. However, inherent risks mean dealmakers should proceed with caution.

  3. International Pension Plan Survey 2024

    Insight into the geographical coverage of IPPs and ISPs and vehicles used to establish them, membership criteria and plan design elements and the integration of ESG considerations.

  4. Expatriate Benefits Solutions

    Our team assists multinational organizations in the development and management of employee benefit programs for internationally mobile employees (IMEs) working outside their home countries.

  5. Total rewards today: Spending money where it counts

    Companies have long faced the daunting task of managing labor costs while attracting and retaining key talent.

  6. 2024 Pay Transparency Survey

    Every day, organizations are working through questions being raised by calls for pay equity and pay transparency. We invite you to take 15 minutes to tell us how your organization is answering.

  7. Optimize employee healthcare benefits and reduce workforce cancer risk and cost

    Cancer affects us at any time of year, we give you another chance to watch a webcast we hosted on World Cancer Day.

  8. Harnessing technology to develop innovative benefit programmes and improve employee health

    A look back at technology for health, from a UK perspective with the special positioning of the NHS. Ask us about current thinking, and results from the 2024 Global Benefits Attitude Survey just coming out.


Global News Briefs

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