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Mergers and Acquisitions

We partner with you at every stage of the M&A deal making process, whether you are a strategic buyer, seller or a private equity firm that needs people or risk solutions.

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We have a deep understanding of how to manage costs and risks in M&A. We support strategic and financial buyers and sellers with our experience from more than 2,000 M&A and private equity transactions every year. And our proprietary research can enable you to achieve both short- and long-term deal success.

We work with all kinds of clients:

  • Serial acquirers
  • Private equity firms
  • Those new to M&A deals
  • Strategic buyers
  • Sellers seeking to divest

Experience, backed by our research, shows that successful M&A transactions or divestitures have two common themes:

  • An early and intense focus on people issues
  • A rigorous approach to risk management

Additionally, private equity firms also value financial certainty. They seek to limit financial exposure through insurance. Visit our private equity page to learn more.

The importance of people strategies in M&A deals

People and culture clash in M&A deals. Successful dealmakers know the importance of identifying and addressing people issues early. When we work with you, we make sure HR is a business partner alongside the deal team.

Our research, shows that successful acquirers are better at:

  • Retaining critical workforce skills
  • Measuring leadership
  • Communicating and engaging with employees
  • Building a culture that aligns with strategic goals

There are many things you can do to ensure your organization is ready for the first or next transaction and preparedness is essential.

HR can play a key role in the success of your M&A deal by creating effective people strategies that support broader business goals. Working in partnership, we support HR teams in preparing for this crucial role. We will help:

  • Carry out pre-deal preparations
  • Identify structure and resource gaps
  • Establish an M&A blueprint
  • Provide training

Managing M&A risks

When it comes to risk, avoiding the unexpected is essential. Identifying and managing risk early enables you to negotiate with greater certainty and confidence. Our team offers an integrated approach to transactions.

Comprising property & casualty, management liability, employee benefits and transaction insurance experts, our team works in unison to identify concerns, provide analysis and offer solutions that protect the investment. This unique structure enables us to respond accurately and quickly.

We continually evaluate, refine and expand due diligence reviews of operational insurances to help ensure those coverages are relevant and effective for all parties involved in an M&A transaction – the target, purchaser and lender. Our team provides expertise to help ensure that each review reflects the latest market position for the target's business and exposures.

Whether you're a corporate acquirer looking to achieve long-term strategic integration, a corporate seller looking to divest a business or a private equity firm with a shorter investment time horizon, we will help you protect against downside financial risk.

Our transactional insurance team offers tailored solutions to transactional risk allocation, including

  • Warranties and indemnities insurance (W&I) offers protection for unknown breaches of target and seller representations and warranties in a purchase agreement.
  • Tax liability insurance offers protection against known tax risks or an uncertain tax position that is challenged by a tax authority and is not otherwise covered by an W&I policy.
  • Contingent liability insurance offers protection for a broad range of known contingent risks for which neither party to the transaction will accept financial responsibility (litigation, regulatory approvals, etc.).

We are ready to work with you throughout your M&A journey and help you make your transaction a success.

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