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Quantify and Funding Projector

Quantify is Willis Towers Watson’s proprietary global valuation system, supported and maintained by our in-house team of developers.

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Quantify allows us to complete all aspects of an actuarial valuation process from initial data analysis and reconciliation through to liability valuations and cash flow projections.  Additionally, our ownership of our own system means we also have an Irish-specific module facilitating valuation and projection of liabilities on the Irish Funding Standard basis.

Funding Projector

Another very powerful and unique tool, Funding Projector is a client-facing software tool that integrates with our valuation system, Quantify, and allows us to give trustees a full picture of the projected future progression of their scheme.

Funding Projector enables clients to:

  • Compare the projected future development of a scheme’s ongoing and Funding Standard position
  • Explore the sensitivity of the scheme’s projected future Funding Standard position to changes in factors such as yields, inflation, discretionary increases and investment strategy and performance
  • Understand how the projected funding position compares under a range of different scenarios
  • Map out for discrete future time periods, the estimated required returns to maintain Funding Standard coverage, thus highlighting future pressure points and the pattern of funding requirements.
Funding projector screenshot
Funding Projector screenshot


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