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Governance Lens

Governance Lens is a unique, cost-effective tool, designed to assist trustees and sponsors in reviewing their scheme’s existing approach to governance and risk management. Using the tool, we help you to assess the changes required to meet new standards, while also addressing any additional needs of your particular arrangement.

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Key points:

IORP II leads to new standards for governance and risk management.

The Pensions Authority expects schemes to seek out higher standards – beyond minimum compliance.

Governance Lens helps trustees and employers to identify and plan for improvements – doing enough, without going too far.

Governance Lens provides you with:

  • A clear, user-friendly summary of your governance and risk management position, covering your current status and your future aspirations in a single ‘at-a-glance’ format
  • Evidence for your records – and for future regulatory engagements – of your genuine ownership of your own governance and risk management assessments
  • Confidence that the assessments made are objective and balanced, particularly when paired with our facilitation approach to capturing your assessments
  • A detailed action plan providing you with clarity about all of the steps that need to be taken to achieve your desired state, allowing you to prioirtise them and optimise your development plan

It's a fact that defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) schemes have different needs and therefore we have developed both DB and DC versions of Governance Lens. In each case, the same range of concerns is addressed, but calibrated to focus respectively on the particular needs of each type of scheme. The result is that you get the right insights and opportunities, reflecting the risks and governance needs of your own scheme.

Title File Type File Size
Governance Lens PDF .4 MB
DC Governance Lens PDF 2.4 MB
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