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Pension Fund Management Software

Whether you are a corporate sponsor, trustee or investment specialist, you are most likely facing increasing pressure to control the risks and costs of your defined benefit (DB) pension arrangements. Asset Liability Suite provides you with up-to-date asset and liability information on a daily basis, so that you have the management information required to help you achieve your aims in running your DB pension scheme efficiently.

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Asset Liability Suite is a powerful, modular, web-based software platform designed to work alongside Willis Towers Watson’s processes to support your planning, reporting and decision-making needs, giving you the tools and know-how that you need to run your pension plans efficiently.

You can build your Asset Liability Suite implementation by selecting the liability measures that matter to you when implementing the Tracker Module, and can go further to introduce the Triggers Module if needs require.

Tracker module

The Tracker Module enables you to check, at a glance on a daily basis, your funded status and progress towards your objectives, whether on a funding, accounting, minimum risk or buyout measure.

Tracker module screenshot
Tracker module screenshot


Triggers module

The Triggers Module gives you peace of mind that a process is in place to ensure that you can lock into de-risking opportunities when they arise.

Asset Liability Suite

Find out how Asset Liability Suite can help you better manage your pension scheme costs and risk.

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