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Actuarial Services and Support

Employers are being presented with a growing range of solutions to help them to optimise their retirement programmes. We work with clients to pinpoint the right actuarial approach, taking a wide range of issues into consideration, from funding and investment to governance and employee engagement.

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We work with companies to identify the right set of solutions for your retirement programme from among a growing array of options. Potential solutions for companies include redesigning the pension plan, rebuilding the plan's funded status, putting in place contingent asset or contingent funding solutions, managing the risks presented by retirement plans and creating greater plan management efficiencies.

Whether you offer a defined benefit or defined contribution pension plan, we work with you to determine the right approach to design, funding, risk management, investment strategy and employee engagement. We consider the nature of your business, the composition of your workforce and your goals for benefit adequacy, competitiveness and cost management.

At Willis Towers Watson we provide actuarial and related support to companies and pension funds in key markets around the world. We work with you to fulfil and, where appropriate, exceed regulatory requirements. We also work with management, trustees and other groups around plan funding, financial reserving and strategic financial management advice. Our sophisticated tools, research and thinking form the basis of a tailored solution that balances your retirement programme risks and costs with plan objectives and opportunities in the context of your business environment.

Willis Towers Watson helps clients manage performance, cost and risk to enhance economic value. We work with you to help:

  • Design, implement and communicate appropriate pensions/benefits
  • Understand and manage the risks and financial implications associated with benefits such as pensions
  • Comply with relevant legal and other requirements, including financial reporting.

We deliver pensions and benefits as effectively as possible, and consider pensions and benefits an important part of ‘total compensation’.

Asset Liability Suite

Find out how Asset Liability Suite can help you better manage your pension scheme costs and risk.

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