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Pensions Technology

Technology underpins everything we do. We make extensive use of our proprietary technology to enhance our modelling capability and to deliver added value directly to clients through innovative applications.

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We have a dedicated team of software professionals who are focused on developing pension software. These include tools for valuation processing, tools to support our consulting business and also client facing tools directly available for use by our clients. And, with an Irish on-the-ground presence, we can ensure the specific needs of Irish pension schemes are always covered.

Our software portfolio includes the following:

  1. Governance Lens

    Governance Lens is a unique, cost-effective tool, designed to assist trustees and sponsors in reviewing their scheme’s existing approach to governance and risk management. Using the tool, we help you to assess the changes required to meet new standards, while also addressing any additional needs of your particular arrangement.

  2. Asset Liability Suite

    Asset Liability Suite (ALS) is Willis Towers Watson’s defined benefit (DB) pension fund management software, which gives Trustees and sponsors the ability to monitor the funding level of their DB pension schemes in real time on various valuation bases and also monitor and report on investment de-risking triggers.

  3. OnePlace

    OnePlace delivers a better way of working together. This leading-edge technology provides tools that facilitate better working practices, enhanced collaboration and improved information sharing, as well as providing access to Towers Watson’s online benefits tools.

  4. Standard Fund Threshold Planner

    This is an interactive tool which we can use in one-to-one meetings with members who have exposure to the additional taxes that can arise from breaching the Standard Fund Threshold or, where they have one, a Personal Fund Threshold.

  5. Quantify and Funding Projector

    Quantify is Willis Towers Watson’s global valuation system which is supported and maintained by a dedicated team of developers. Quantify allows us to optimally complete all aspects of the valuation process from initial data analysis and reconciliation through to liability valuations and cash flow projections. We have recently made a significant investment in Quantify to create an Irish specific module which, linked with our Funding Projector tool, allows us to value and project liabilities on the Irish Funding Standard basis.

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