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Reserving for P&C liabilities

Claims reserve deteriorations are a major cause of insurance company profit warnings and insolvencies. Our experts, backed by our powerful technology tools, can help you you strengthen the interaction between reserving activity and wider business management, so that reserving shifts from a financial reporting obligation to something that potentially improves performance.

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Our view of reserving is that it can offer a unique window in to your business, delivering insight that acts as a prompt or an opportunity for action in other functions, such as pricing, underwriting, reinsurance strategy and capital management, in order to strengthen your business.

Yet, while many internal teams have expanded in recent years, perhaps with this objective in mind, burgeoning regulatory and reporting requirements have often swallowed up the available time and resources. Internal reserve reviews have tended to be limited by the same constraints.

A contributing factor, in our experience, is reserving processes that haven’t kept pace with the demands. As a result, everything takes longer, proper governance becomes more difficult, and employees’ time and effort is increasingly consumed by housekeeping activities such as data input and cleansing and report production.

Our combination of deep insurance expertise and technology means that higher value analysis doesn’t have to take a back seat. ResQ is the industry’s leading specialist reserving software, while ResQ Financial Reporter provides specific IFRS 17 reporting capability. While ResQ offers automation and governance capabilities, those with wider needs can add Unify to the configuration. Unify offers a solution for reserve process transformation by managing data integration, automating routine tasks, and providing full governance and reporting functionality. A well-designed reserve process that smartly uses technology, enables actuaries to focus on value-added activities.

We harness this full range of capabilities to offer reserving solutions that include:

  • Independent reserve reviews
  • Loss reserve opinions under a variety of regulatory regimes
  • Reserve process efficiency improvement 
  • Solvency II technical provision and International Financial Reporting Standards balances 
  • Reserve uncertainty calculations through the parameterization of reserve risk

An A.M. Best study found that a third of all P&C insurance company failures in the U.S. over a 30-year period were attributable to inadequate reserves.

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