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Pensions Governance

Good governance is the foundation of a well-run pension scheme and leads to better outcomes for members, trustees, and sponsors. WTW has been working in partnership with pension scheme trustees and sponsors for over 40 years, providing expert governance consulting and operational support.

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Our governance specialists will work with you to ensure your scheme has, at its foundations, a robust governance framework and ensure you are compliant with the ever-increasing governance requirements. We can provide both consulting and operational governance support, with our team drawing on experience from providing governance advice and support to some of the most complex and largest pension schemes in the UK, and to schemes with much more limited governance resources and budgets. We also draw on our heritage of secretariat skills and a strong operational background; we are not just consultants but practitioners too.

Our governance services, for DB and DC schemes, include:

  • Outsourced Solutions: Industry trends tell us that sponsors are reducing their in-house pension support, losing the expertise and resource at a time when its most needed. Our outsourcing solutions will fill this gap, ensuring your scheme continues to be well run and compliant in an efficient, professional, and expert manner. In addition, we can tailor the support required depending on your needs, from trustee secretariat to full outsourced pensions support.
  • Reviews and diagnostics: We have a comprehensive suite of materials and tools available to help trustee boards take stock of where they’re at and identify improvements; across a range of different components of overall good governance. This could include a gap analysis against the Regulator’s new combined Code of Practice, a governance beliefs and ambitions board review, or trustee effectiveness and skills assessments (including demographic and behavioural diversity).
  • Practical advice and solutions: We can help you evolve your governance with practical advice and solutions that are specific to the needs of your scheme. Examples include,
    • Support to meet specific requirements within the new General Code of Practice
    • Implementing or refining risk management processes - from the operation of the newly created Risk Management Function to drafting the Own Risk Assessment as well as horizon scanning for potential risks and practical insights into getting the most out of your risk management processes
    • Managing the more contemporary challenges of climate and cyber risk governance
    • IPT or MND recruitment
    • Creating and refining policies and documentation
    • Looking at diversity and inclusivity across your board and outlook, and more

Keeping close to the latest trustee obligations, and with a focus on continuous improvement, we provide forward looking governance to help clients take the next steps towards better governance, from wherever they’re at.


Head of Pensions Governance
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Sean Gilfeather
Senior Director, Governance and Pensions Solutions
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