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Mercury: Online Risk Distribution Platform

Mercury is our electronic placing platform for insuring the payment default risk.

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An introduction to Mercury

Mercury is our online platform, made to manage risk distribution and insure payment default risk on trade paper, with ease and efficiency.

Mercury offers a full range of trade finance instruments, including letters of credit, guarantees, trade advances, drafts and invoices.

It enables you to react to new business opportunities fast, offering high-speed transactions, from submission to binding. We have designed it in a way to allow you to simplify your decision-making, while reducing your operational risk. The insurance transactions are processed electronically giving you instant access to the platform through a secure website.

What challenges does Mercury address?

Our clients were finding that the traditional way of managing and insuring short term single situation credit risks was no longer good enough for them.

There are 2 key reasons for this;

  1. Modern trade is moving a lot faster, using more complex patterns. This is why our clients need an immediate, secure and robust technological solution.
  2. Keeping a manual track of credit transactions is difficult and it is often difficult to monitor live exposures.

Mercury has been created to answer these needs.

The benefits of using Mercury

Instant online market access

Mercury already provides access to leading political and trade credit risk insurers. The platform enables you to bind insurance coverage directly online, with instant access to personalized quotes from a wide spectrum of insurers.

Accelerated efficiency

All formal documentation is automatically generated by the system, cutting out manual error. Since all the interactions take place online, there is a full audit trail with all correspondence and formal documentation (including contractual docs) filed on the system. In many cases, the system allows for premiums to be paid in a way which avoids the risk of policy cancellation due to non-payment of premium. And the system automatically generates alerts making sure key dates are not missed. No need for manual diary entries!

Enhanced visibility

Mercury allows for enhanced visibility of your global credit risk exposure and you will receive comprehensive reporting on; aggregates, exposures and premiums and improve your decision making.

How do I get started?

To become a part of it, you just need to get in touch with your Willis Towers Watson service team, whose details are listed on this page. It costs nothing to join, and we will manage the entire process. This platform offers an evolutionary change of credit insurance operations, and we can’t wait to see you become a part of it!

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