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Global Peril Diagnostic

Manage risk to operations, assets and supply chains from wildfires, tropical storms, terror and other natural catastrophe and climate perils with predictive modeling and real-time alerts.

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Being more prepared for natural catastrophe, climate, terrorism and pandemic risks means understanding your exposures and the action you’ll need to take mitigate losses on your global operational and manufacturing assets, as well as international supply chains.

Getting a natural catastrophe risk view of any potential business investments, meanwhile, represents vital due diligence. A forward-looking risk view can put your organization on a more resilient standing when it comes to exposure to wildfires, tropical storms and further climate-related phenomenon.

You can better understand and mitigate your exposure to natural catastrophe, climate, terror and pandemic perils in real-time and into the future with Global Peril Diagnostic.

The cost of global perils on business

WTW’s Global Peril Diagnostic elevates how you can prepare and respond to natural catastrophe, climate, terrorism and pandemic threats.

This geospatial risk tool overlays your global footprint with real-time insight and predictive modelling to deliver clear, dynamic and forward-looking views of your risk. These refined perspectives on global perils enable your organization to better navigate potential threats to its long-term success.

Global Peril Index screenshot
Global Peril Index - Global Peril Diagnostic tool screenshot

How can Global Peril Diagnostic support resilience to natural catastrophe, climate and terror perils?

Sophisticated diagnostic modelling clarifies your exposure to terrorism and 12 natural perils that put your global assets at risk, while the diagnostic tool also gives you live event tracking for pandemic, earthquake and windstorms.

As part of Global Peril Diagnostic's refined evaluation of your comprehensive catastrophe risk, you also get access to an interactive map to enable strategic planning around exposed assets and risk-adjusted benchmarking that compares your risk portfolio to the universe of WTW clients.

With Global Peril Diagnostic you can:

  • Understand how global events could affect your assets and your supply chains
  • Evaluate your property portfolio to assess natural catastrophe and climate exposures
  • Enable better business investment decisions exploring new sites, whether new construction or acquisitions
  • Refine value from property insurance by determining which perils and geographies need further analytics or additional peril coverage
  • Transform your global peril stance from reactive to proactive with future-looking modelling and real-time alerts as events unfold
  • Avoid surprises on the exposure of new opportunities to natural catastrophe, climate, terrorism and pandemic risk
  • Improve your knowledge of ever-changing risks as they emerge.

Global Peril Diagnostic delivers the analytical insight to answer the critical natural catastrophe, climate and other global peril questions: Which locations are most at risk to which hazards? What’s the highest risk by operational hierarchy or geographical region? What risk natural catastrophe, climate, terrorism or other global peril factors should be of most concern to your business? Are there hazard and exposure hotspots across your portfolio? Would new locations be exposed to global hazards and what would that mean under different loss scenarios?

Manage natural catastrophe and climate threats, live

Global Peril Diagnostic gives you the intelligence to better safeguard assets and prepare for losses with live-event tracking and notifications.

The tool also allows you to understand your precise exposures, rapidly with automated analytics and push notifications that alert you to potential threats and their impact at each stage, including for prospective tropical cyclone, storm inundation, earthquake, wildfire.

The tool also predicts impact zones and areas with probable exposures, and offers a customized risk view on global perils tailored to your organization, through dynamic modelling that identifies your affected locations.

It measures both proximity to exposure and risk, for example, the distance of your locations form wildfire, the eye of the storm, earthquake epicentres and distance to the coastline.

Elevating global peril risk management, empowering leaders

Global Peril Diagnostic delivers the information the c-suite needs from risk management, fast, including real-time event ticker summarising per event the number of affected locations, the values exposed and the percentage of your total portfolio.

Get the business on the front foot with email alerts triggered if your portfolio is either affected by an earthquake, or forecasted to be impacted by a hurricane, for example.

Global Peril Diagnostic also provides event information for retrospective impacts, including storm trends, so you decision-makers can understand how your current or prospective locations may have been affected by major hurricanes over the past year.

Get clarity on your global supply chain risk

Global Peril Diagnostic’s Supply Chain Diagnostic capability means you can:

  • Assess, measure and mitigate critical risk across the lifecycle of product supply chains, empowering analysis under a business continuity lens across potential points of failure across supply chains
  • Leverage insights to strengthen how you analyse operational risk, business continuity and strategic resilience measures 
  • Manage supply chain risk on a continuous basis, not only at the point of new contacts or contracts renewals or at moments of crisis.

Better manage terror risk with geopolitical insights

You can better monitor assets in areas exposed to elevated or changing terror risk. Global Peril Diagnostic generates ongoing regional and localized terror threat assessments and evaluations of trending locations.

You can identify possible terrorism targets in the vicinity of your assets by type and threat potential, interactively assess proximity to the known threat and highlight ‘hotspots’ by portfolio values exposed.

Flash Flood Data screenshot
Flash Flood Data - Global Peril Diagnostic tool screenshot
Terrorism Data screenshot
Storm Data - Global Peril Diagnostic tool screenshot

To discover smarter ways to manage natural catastrophe, climate, terrorism and pandemic risk, get in touch to book your demonstration of Global Peril Diagnostic.

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