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Claim Metrics

Claims often represents the key point of contact with customers. Willis Towers Watson can inform claims strategy and help improve claims performance with our dynamic claims benchmarking solution.

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Claim Metrics is a claims benchmarking solution for household and motor insurers.

It provides claims executives with an interactive, self-service dashboard to compare claims performance across an array of operational and financial metrics. It also offers underwriting, pricing and actuarial teams and other senior managers important insights into profitability drivers and patterns.

Key benefits

Claim Metrics improves claims performance and delivers competitive advantage. It:

  • Informs and validates product and claims strategy
  • Enables external comparison of indemnity spend and service
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement
  • Provides insight and context on market practice
  • Tracks claims inflation and identifies emerging trends

What sets Claim Metrics apart?

Contemporary results

Unlike competitor products Claim Metrics offers bi-annual benchmarking for more timely performance analysis. It is accessed via an intuitive, interactive and self-service dashboard with 24/7 availability.

Fast data onboarding and robust data management

Through efficient data extraction, organisations spend less time on data upload and more time on analysing outputs.

In-depth domain insurance and technology expertise

Claim Metrics is developed exclusively for insurers and harnesses cutting-edge technology that is supported by an entire team of claims and insurance experts.

Introducing Claim Metrics

Introducing Claim Metrics. The most comprehensive and dynamic claims benchmarking solution on the market. 

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