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A-Star – Elevate your directors’ and officers’ liability coverage

Streamlined access to comprehensive protection.

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A-Star provides a vital protective layer above primary directors' and officers' insurance. With enhanced coverage and additional capacity, it provides directors, officers and insured individuals with peace of mind in the face of uncertainty. A-Star safeguards against liabilities not indemnified by their company, be it due to legal restrictions, insolvency or denial of indemnification.

Streamlined access up to £/$/€ 80,000,000 additional capacity for directors' and officers' liability insurance.

Provides comprehensive protection for non-indemnified loss scenarios.

Why choose A-Star?

  • Dedicated limit for individuals
  • Comprehensive non-indemnified loss definition
  • Only one exclusion
  • DARCstar benefits integrated

For more details about A-Star’s comprehensive protection and benefits, download the full product flyer or contact our experts today.

To learn more about the benefits of WTW’s proprietary DARCstar primary D&O insurance wording, click here.

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