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International, Economic and Trade Sanctions

The business that Willis Towers Watson transacts for you must comply with extensive and complex economic and trade sanctions. We want to ensure that we are being transparent regarding such sanctions and that you are aware of circumstances which may delay or prevent us providing our services to you.

Where Willis Towers Watson is aware of any touchpoint to a sanctioned country which may present a risk in relation to movement of funds and coverage, we believe it is good practice to bring this to your attention.

This is further explained in our Client Sanctions Information document.

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Client Sanctions Information PDF .1 MB

International sanctions are put in place as a consequence of global political problems and are adopted by a country or group of countries against another state or individual(s) in order to elicit a change in their behaviour.

As your (re)insurance broker/consultancy services provider, we have created a guidance note to make you aware of the imposition of international sanctions and how they may apply to your business.

This is further explained in our Client Note on International Sanctions.

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Client Note On International Sanctions PDF .1 MB
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