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Pensions and Savings Virtual Conference 2020

Opening keynote: industry outlook

Hear from our experts and guest speakers as they provide thought-provoking perspectives on the most topical key issues of the day, including views on the economic outlook and what that might mean for pension funds.

Funding objectives

Events in 2020 could have implications for every aspect of a pension scheme’s journey plan. Our panel of experts across investment, covenant, longevity and scheme funding are joined by David Fairs, Executive Director for Regulatory Policy, Analysis and Advice at the Pensions Regulator to discuss the effect on long-term objectives and the strategies for delivering them in a post-2020 world.

Deconstructing defined contribution as part of your financial wellbeing programme

The defined contribution (DC) landscape continues to evolve, particularly in the areas of plan design, investments, member engagement and supporting those at retirement. Many employers are now looking to review their DC offering as part of their overall financial wellbeing programme to better support employees, particularly in current circumstances.

The transactions and superfunds market

An update from our experts on current opportunities in the bulk annuity and longevity swap markets, including the latest developments in alternative endgame solutions, superfunds and capital-backed solutions.

GMP equalisation: helping you along the way

Our team of specialists share experiences of where schemes are up to with their GMP equalisation projects, and how the latest guidance helps them continue to make good progress. During the session, we go through the full end to end GMP equalisation project, based on our experiences from those schemes who are well progressed with the work.

Re-imagining defined benefit delivery

This session will be of interest to trustees who simply want to know what other pension schemes are doing to make sure they are at the forefront of innovation and corporates who suspect there is a better (lower risk, cost and/or time) way of running their DB pension scheme.

The move to defined contribution master trust

This session we are joined by Kate Grant, Head of Pensions & Benefits at Vodafone who explores their experience of moving to the LifeSight master trust; the practical lessons learnt, the benefits a move can bring and what’s next for Vodafone’s benefit strategy.

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