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The impact of the Dutch pension reform

March 15, 2024

Gain access to our latest webcast recording, offering expert guidance on what pension funds and direct insured pension plans need to be doing, to ensure they are ready for the new Dutch pension legislation.
Retirement|Health and Benefits

Employers have to make their pension scheme compliant with the new Dutch pension legislation by 1 October 2027.

The key changes are:

  • All pension plans must be defined contribution going forward
  • For new hires, a plan with a flat rate contribution is mandatory
  • Survivor’s pension will have to change

Note: consent and potentially compensation is needed for all changes.

Complete the form below to unlock and gain access to our latest webcast, where our subject experts look at the implications the new legislation will have in the new world. Gain valuable insights on what pension funds and direct insured pension plans need to be considering and addressing to meet the new mandatory requirements.

This webcast is also applicable to organisations who have a subsidiary in the Netherlands as you will also need to comply.

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