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Providing pay clarity and visibility: Overview of the EU Pay Transparency Directive

April 5, 2023

In this video, Tamsin Sridhara and Eva Jesmiatka discuss the summary of provisions, expected timelines and what this means for organizations
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Overview of the EU Pay Transparency Directive

Find out all you needed to know about the upcoming EU Pay Transparency Directive, the provisions, timelines and what this all means.

Tamsin Sridhara and Eva Jesmiatka share an overview of the EU Pay Transparency Directive. It is a step change in the pay information rights of candidates and employees and supports the delivery of equal pay.

Ursula von der Leyen has made this a priority of her EU presidency as part of the EU Equality Strategy 2020-2025 saying that “Equal work deserves equal pay. And for equal pay we need transparency.”

The video will include:

  • An overview of the provisions of the EU Pay Transparency Directive
  • What the expected timelines are for implementation
  • The meaning of this for employers in the EU

This video is the first in our providing pay clarity and visibility series where we will take a deep dive into the EU Pay Transparency Directive; its impact on employers, employees and candidates; key preparatory activities; and, enhancing education and communication on pay.


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