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Net Zero: Actions to stay on track – what, how and when

November 4, 2022

ESG Spotlight session on net zero. We consider when, how and what an investors journey to net zero looks like.
Climate Risk and Resilience|ESG In Sight
Net Zero: Actions to stay on track – what, how and when

As climate-related targets are increasingly considered and set, progress need to be disclosed. We consider the when, how and what on your net zero journey as an investor, including:

  • Why consider it now and what exactly are the financial markets doing?
  • How to navigate transition and physical risk
  • What investors and corporates can do to stay on track

The full suite of videos are now available below. They include speakers from:

  • Thinking Ahead Institute
  • Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment
  • Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero
  • LifeSight
Video transcript

Net Zero: Actions to stay on track – what, how and when


SPEAKER 1: Welcome to WTW's ESG In Sight Spotlight Series.


CRAIG BAKER: Hello. And welcome to WTW's ESG In Sight series. I'm Craig Baker, Chief Investment Officer at WTW Investments. We continue to hear from our clients that what they really want is greater clarity on the actions needed to address the many sustainability topics that are out there. This series is divided into two parts. One around managing sustainability goals in line with your organizational goals.

And now, this one on climate and, in particular, net zero reporting. We've put together what we hope are informative sessions exploring the world of net zero investing alongside actions that investors can take to stay on track with their net zero pledge. We know that navigating the world of net zero can be tricky because we're doing it ourselves too. We've committed 100% of our discretionary assets to net zero via the net zero asset managers initiative. And also, within our global advisory business, we've signed up to the net zero investment consultants initiative that was recently launched.

We've also begun publicly reporting on our progress towards net zero. And implementing the commitments we've made is really important to us. Climate remains our most engaged topic within our stewardship activities. And it's consistently a significant focus for each one of our stakeholders. It's for that reason, we've built up a specialist team of nearly 100 climate specialists that provide us with leading edge proprietary analytics to help us in these goals.

All of the work we do with respect to this, we endeavor to align with industry standards, frameworks, and best practice. We're heavily involved with GFANZ through a number of their key working groups. GFANZ being the global coalition of leading financial institutions committed to accelerating the decarbonization of the economy. So within this session of ESG In Sight, we will be asking why this is important for investors now. GFANZ will be joining us to discuss what financial markets are doing and why aligning portfolios is important. We'll also hear from experts on how to navigate physical and transition risks, as well as considering what actions investors can take themselves.

We will welcome Master Trust's LifeSight to discuss their net zero journey and how they found it so far. Thank you for tuning in to this ESG In Sight series. We really hope you enjoy the discussions we've put together for you.


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