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Political risk index: Spring 2022

June 27, 2022

In this special edition, our contributors have taken particular focus on climate risk across 50 countries.
Credit and Political Risk
Climate Risk and Resilience|Ukraine war
Political Risk Index: Spring 2022

In this video, Sam Wilkin discusses the findings of our Political Risk Index for Spring 2022.

Welcome to the Spring 2022 edition of the Political Risk Index, produced in collaboration with Oxford Analytica. For more than a decade, the tagline for this Index has been “analysing patterns in the world’s most vulnerable countries”. In this special edition of the index, we take a closer look at one area of vulnerability in particular: climate.

Out of the 50 countries expected to be most impacted by climate change,* 41 are in the lowest category of per-capita income; the remaining nine are in the second-lowest category, and include Bangladesh, Myanmar and Tonga. Countries at this level of income tend to have contributed least to global emissions and additionally have the least capacity to respond to natural disasters. Hence the acute vulnerability of these countries to a changing climate is both a moral and human tragedy.

In this edition

In this special edition of the Index, we have asked Oxford Analytica’s contributors and analysts to assess how climate is impacting politics in the countries the Index covers, including impacts on conflict and political stability; on developing countries’ positions on climate policy; and on green parties and environmental movements.

This edition of the Index also, of course, covers the key political risk perils for which our Political Risk Index is known, from expropriation to currency inconvertibility to political violence. These perils are of course much in the headlines, in light of the conflict in Ukraine and the growing ripple effects of that conflict, particularly in world agricultural markets.

As ever, thank you for taking the time to read this Political Risk Index, I hope that you find it both interesting and valuable.

* According to the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative,

To read more, please go to the full Political Risk Index, accessible below:

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Director of Political Risk Analytics, Financial Solutions

Sam Wilkin is WTW's director of political risk analytics, meaning he constantly monitors emerging and existing politically-linked threats to companies. He also leads WTW's annual political risk survey.

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