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Talking Heads – Emerging healthcare technology developments

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September 6, 2021

Discover how the pandemic accelerated and democratised healthcare technology both now and in the future.
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In this episode of the Talking Heads podcast, we invite Matthew Griffin, a leading futurist, to take us on a journey looking at the future of healthcare and guiding us through the latest emerging healthcare technology developments over the next 10 years.

He covers innovations such as 3D organ printing, remote surgery, digital twins, and artificial intelligence provision for mental health. This podcast was originally delivered at a recent webcast titled Future-gazing: Emerging trends impacting health care at work.

This episode is hosted by Kevin Newman and features Matthew Griffin.

Episode 6: Emerging healthcare technology developments
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About the speakers
Kevin Newman
Kevin Newman

Kevin has the responsibility for the overall operation of the Health and Benefits practice as well as providing consulting advice around the design, financing and delivery of benefit programmes to several FTSE 100 firms and large multinational organisations. He is also a contributor to both industry and national press on major UK corporate healthcare and benefit issues. Kevin has worked for Willis Towers Watson for over 20 years.

Matthew Griffin

Matthew is the founder and CEO of the 311 Institute and World Futures Forum. He is a futurist and strategic advisor helping organisations and governments around the world envision and predict the next 50 years.

Artificial intelligence is the ultimate game changer in healthcare.

Matthew Griffins | Founder and CEO, 311 Institute and World Futures Forum

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Kevin Newman
Head of Health and Benefits GB

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