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The Good Governance Guide

June 22, 2021

In this Good Guidance guide, we will cover what is changing following the Pensions Regulator's new Code. We outline the steps your pension scheme needs to take to make sure you’re ready for the code and to ensure your good governance leads to better outcomes.
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Governance is the glue that holds your pension scheme together. Well-governed schemes have oversight, control, ask questions, and are confident that everything is running smoothly. Poorly governed schemes risk being unprepared for surprises, whether it’s the departure of a key person, an unexpected market event, or an administration failure. It is, therefore, not surprising that the Pensions Regulator (TPR) has focused in recent years on improving the governance of schemes, particularly those that are defined contribution and used for automatic enrolment. Now, TPR is proposing changes that seek to emphasise the importance of good governance across all schemes and help schemes to improve where necessary.

But really well-governed schemes interrogate practices in areas that don’t fall within the scope of the Code too, and many of these are equally important in our quest for better outcomes for our schemes and members.

Download our Good Governance Guide by completing the form on your right, or below on a mobile device, to access five key areas your scheme should consider in order to achieve better governance.

At our 2021 webcast, 100% of audience respondents agreed good governance leads to good outcomes. A great validation of and important premise for the time we spend on this.

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