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Case studies: integrating climate risks and carbon journey planning

January 19, 2021

Some examples how schemes are mitigating the risk of climate change and making a difference

We have created three case studies to help demonstrate what effects climate change can have on pension schemes, and how Trustees can manage this risk.

The case studies cover a range of different schemes, facing different challenges.

  • Integrating sustainability: A DC Master Trust that has concerns over climate change risk, which decided to manage this with a holistic ESG approach.
  • Integrating climate risks and opportunities: A DB scheme whose sponsor is involved in energy production and supply therefore is directly impacted by climate change. How do they account for this impact on their assets and liabilities?
  • Carbon journey planning: The sponsor and Trustee of a financial services provider, who manage multiple pension schemes, are concerned by the reputational risk of inaction on climate change.
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