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Behind the Scenes at Cory Riverside

July 22, 2019

In the second event in our Behind the Scenes series, current and prospective investors enjoyed a Behind the Scenes look at Cory Riverside Energy, one of our flagship environmentally-focussed assets in our pooled investment solutions.

At Willis Towers Watson, we believe incorporating sustainable thinking into our investment process is a critical factor in improving outcomes. Cory Riverside is a great example of how protecting the environment and generating long-term sustainable returns can be perfectly aligned.

See the highlights of our day:

Behind the Scenes at Cory Riverside

Cory Riverside in east London is the largest energy-from-waste facility in the United Kingdom. Waste that would otherwise go into landfill is transported down the River Thames on tugs and barges, taking 100,000 lorries off the streets. It is then sorted, processed and incinerated, with the energy being used to power 160,000 homes each year, and the waste by-products used in building materials. The facility makes every effort to minimise its emissions and has consistently adhered to EU standards.

In our first Behind the Scenes event we enjoyed a visit to London St Pancras Station, to learn more about how the High Speed 1 (HS1) franchise operates the high speed railway line from St Pancras to Paris and Amsterdam. HS1 is also responsible for managing several stations, including London St Pancras station.

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