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QiX – Investments Quarterly ideas Exchange July 2022


July 13, 2022

Quarterly compilation of thought leadership for institutional investors

This edition of Quarterly ideas Exchange (“QiX”) includes: our sustainable investment report 2022, the Ukraine crisis and what it might mean for ESG, the UK stewardship code and our latest episode of PODfolio.

Table of Contents

  1. 01

    Sustainable investment report 2022

    July 7, 2022

    We have built on last year’s report following our Net Zero Pledge as a leading sustainable investor, to now include our first progress update on Net Zero contributions.

  2. 02

    The Ukraine crisis and what it might mean for ESG and sustainable investing

    April 28, 2022

    We are understandably being asked by investors what the implications might be for ESG and sustainable investing as a whole. Will this ultimately increase or reduce the focus on ESG in the future? We try to answer some of these questions.

  3. 03

    2021 UK stewardship code

    May 19, 2022

    We have submitted our UK Stewardship Code report to the Financial Reporting Council to maintain our signatory status for 2022. We reflect on all of our Investment business activities – across research, fiduciary management and advisory – throughout 2021.

  4. 04

    PODfolio: Crypto – not just price speculation and ape pictures

    December 10, 2021

    There are many uses of crypto-currencies and crypto-tokens from wider access to banking facilities, ticketing, decentralised finance and more. What are the things to think about from an investment perspective?

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