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Actuarial services

We provide India’s largest companies comprehensive actuarial support with respect to their retirement and other long-term employee benefit schemes.

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WTW India is a market leader in actuarial consulting services with a team of more than 50 actuarial professionals spread across 4 offices.

Our services range from actuarial valuations to consulting around funding strategy, impact of any regulatory changes, risk management, benefits design, and M&A related services. As a leading global actuarial firm with a presence in almost every country, we can also help multinational companies manage their global as well as local retirement plans with ease of access to global market data, best practices and solutions.

Our services
Actuarial valuations

Retirement and other long-term employee benefits schemes such as gratuity, leave, exempt Provident Funds, defined benefit pensions, long service awards, post-retirement medical benefits, and their reporting under Accounting Standards like IND AS 19 / AS15, IFRS and US GAAP.

Actuarial assumptions

Assumptions setting and assessment of impacts due to changes in scheme rules, regulatory updates, special events like spinoffs, redundancies, etc.

Benchmarking and framework

Consulting around plan design, re-design and feasibility of retirement schemes in line with the market benchmarks and the sponsor’s business needs.

Funding valuation and strategy

Funding valuations and advisory on funding strategy and contribution rate for retirement schemes.

Mergers and acquisitions

Due diligence support, harmonisation exercises, employee communication, etc.

Asset management

Collaborate with sponsors to develop asset-liability management strategies.

End-to-end support

Plan redesign, plan terminations, mitigation or transfer of risks and scheme conversions from defined benefit to defined contribution.

Our credentials

4,000+ Actuarial valuations for retirement benefits carried out annually

700+ Clients in India

50 Retirement actuarial professionals across 4 cities

75 Clients in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka

5 Qualified actuaries

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