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Further understanding of the eMPF

By Elaine Hwang and William Chow | June 21, 2024

With the official launch of the eMPF at the end of June, we have selected some key points for members to understand more about the platform and better prepare for the integration. This article is in English and Chinese and available for download.

With the official launch of the eMPF at the end of June, the official website and customer service hotline are now operational. We have selected some key points from the FAQs on their website to enhance members' understanding of the operation of the eMPF and to facilitate their preparation.

Different times for MPF schemes to join eMPF

Firstly, MPF trustees will join the eMPF at different times. Details can be found on the eMPF website, but timing ranges from June 26, 2024, to the fourth quarter of 2025. Two to three months before joining the eMPF, MPF trustees will issue an information pack to employers and members, including a "Notice to Participating Employers and Scheme Members". This pack provides information on the transfer date of the MPF scheme and important information about the eMPF platform, such as the deadline for trustees/sponsors to receive MPF administrative instructions.

Administrative work managed by the eMPF

After MPF trustees and their schemes join the eMPF, all administrative work will be managed by the eMPF. This includes member registration, monthly contributions, and applications for MPF withdrawals, etc. MPF trustees will no longer handle administrative instructions from members. Therefore, from the first day of joining the eMPF, members will need to manage their accounts through the eMPF platform. Electronic means will be the most convenient option, but the eMPF will still provide alternative channels for members who need or prefer to submit administrative instructions using a paper-based approach.

Immediate account management after registration and activation

All scheme members must register on the eMPF platform to obtain an eMPF number and user authentication data for future login and electronic management of their MPF accounts. Members can register when their MPF scheme is about to join the eMPF or at a future date. In general, online registration can be completed immediately. During registration, members should have their (1) Hong Kong identity card number, (2) personal mobile phone number, and (3) email address ready to complete the identity verification. They then need to fill in some personal information, and set up a username and password in three simple steps. If you are a "Smart Identity" user, you can verify your identity directly during the registration process. After successful registration and activation on the eMPF, the platform will immediately display your account information under your MPF scheme, and members can start managing their MPF accounts.

24/7 Electronic platform accessible worldwide

The eMPF platform includes an online platform and a mobile application that operates 24/7. As long as users have the appropriate device configuration and settings, the eMPF platform can be accessed from anywhere. The eMPF platform also provides an online assistant interface, allowing members to request assistance from intermediaries or family members to fill out forms, which can be submitted after members verify the instructions.

Allocation of new account numbers to existing accounts

If members have multiple MPF accounts, they will not be consolidated into a single account automatically after transferring to the eMPF platform. However, the eMPF provides a single sign-on platform for members to view and manage all their MPF accounts. It's worth noting that existing MPF accounts of members will be assigned new account numbers after the scheme joins eMPF, and the old numbers will no longer be valid.

Administrative fees of trustees not exceeding platform fees

The eMPF platform is designed to be fully automated, digitalized, and comprehensive, following the operational principle of "cost recovery." The platform is expected to reduce MPF administrative costs. Based on the "Direct Transfer" requirement of the MPF Ordinance, MPF trustees are not allowed to charge administrative fees exceeding the platform fees paid to the eMPF platform company.

If members wish to obtain more information about the eMPF, they can visit the eMPF website or contact the eMPF customer service hotline at 2183 2622 for further details.

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