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Making the most of mobile applications for managing MPF

By Elaine Hwang and William Chow | May 8, 2024

How should MPF members best utilize mobile applications to manage their MPF accounts? This article is in English and Chinese and available for download.

Smartphones are widely prevalent today, and most people use mobile applications for various activities such as browsing social media and news websites, watching videos, online shopping, and playing games. Many people also use banking applications to manage their bank accounts. Similarly, major MPF service providers have also launched mobile applications to enable members to manage their MPF accounts. Recently, some providers have even added investment advisory services to their mobile applications to assist members in making investment decisions.

Essential basic functions

Generally, MPF mobile applications provided by service providers offer practical basic functions for members to manage their MPF accounts. These functions allow members to have visibility of the latest MPF account balance, investment returns or losses, fund investment distribution, contribution records, fund transfers, electronic statements (such as member benefit statements) and some will allow you to change investment instructions. As most mobile applications now support biometric login features, members can conveniently access the latest status of their MPF accounts through facial recognition or fingerprint authentication.

Price alerts for seizing investment opportunities

For members who need to make investment adjustments after reviewing their MPF investment portfolio, having a mobile application that allows easy modification of the investment allocation is crucial. Generally, members can use the service provider's mobile application to perform fund transfers and/or change investment instructions. Some providers also offer price alerts, which notify members when specific funds reach certain prices, enabling them to manage their MPF investment portfolios more effectively.

Updating contact information

If members need to update their contact phone number, email address, or postal address, they can simply make the changes through the mobile application, without the need to fill out specific forms, sign, and mail them.

More market information and strategic deployments

MPF mobile applications not only provide useful information but also facilitate convenient management of investment portfolios. However, with the introduction of "eMPF" some app functionalities may be replaced. Therefore, service providers may offer other more distinctive services through their mobile applications in the future to enhance competitiveness. For example, they could provide more market information, investment strategy deployments, and recommendations to improve the member experience. These could attract new account openings, and encourage members to transfer their assets to their funds.


Senior Director & Business Development Lead, Greater China

Head of Retirement, Hong Kong & Macau

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