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WTW is a leading global affinity solutions provider. Our affinity business model has been created for organizations that want to sell insurance alongside their main activities and understand that selling insurance is not just about increasing the bottom line, but about creating long-term value.

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Unlike traditional affinity programs, WTW's affinity model is not about sourcing products and finding clients with a database to sell to. We win through client engagement. We team with clients as solution providers to establish a deep understanding of their business challenges and build insurance programs tailored to their needs, creating a virtuous circle that ultimately helps our clients improve financial results.

The affinity strategy explained

Our affinity model is made up of four, key components, seamlessly brought together through our affinity technology platform, delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients and excellent service for the end user.

  1. 01

    Industry expertise

    Our propositions are based on our knowledge of industry trends, challenges and opportunities.

  2. 02


    Our analytics-based approach delivers proven solutions that can be rolled out globally.

  3. 03

    Broking strategy

    Products are tailored to the industry and distribution channels and are available at competitive prices.

  4. 04

    InsurTech solutions

    Delivering insurance programs through technology, we are able to provide high-quality, end-to-end services and quick market entry.

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