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Maximizing the MPFA Tool for integrating personal accounts

By Elaine Hwang and William Chow | March 27, 2024

How can MPF members best utilize MPFA’s tools to consolidate their personal accounts? This article is in English and Chinese and available for download.

According to statistics from the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA), the total number of Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) accounts in Hong Kong exceeded 11 million at 31 December 2023 with nearly 60% (approximately 6.54 million accounts) being personal accounts. Given that there are approximately 2.9 million registered employees and self-employed individuals in total in Hong Kong, it means that each member has more than two personal accounts each on average. To help members to check the status of their personal accounts, the MPFA provides an "e-Enquiry of Personal Account" service, commonly known as ePA, which members can also utilize for consolidating their personal accounts.

Creation of personal accounts during job transitions

When members switch jobs, their new employers will open a new contribution account for them, while the existing contribution account with the previous employer will usually convert to a personal account. If members change jobs frequently, they may end up with multiple personal accounts. Additionally, if a member exercises their transfer right under the Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA), the member will need to open a personal account before transferring the accrued benefits (employee portion) from their current contribution account. These accounts may also be held with different trustees, making account management challenging. Consolidating MPF accounts can enhance the utilization of benefits and improve investment efficiency. Therefore, members should consider making good use of ePA to understand the distribution of their personal accounts and possibly consolidate them.

Registration with approximately 370,000 users

The ePA service provided by the MPFA is completely free of charge. As of February 2024, there were approximately 370,000 registered users of ePA, and the number of registered users continues to rise, with a growth rate of around 10% over the past year. To register, members only need to have a Hong Kong identity card and an email address, which they can use to register through the ePA website or from the mobile application. To protect members' personal data, the MPFA requires identity verification during the application process. Members need to provide a copy of their Hong Kong identity card and proof of address issued within the past three months during the online application, or they can visit the MPFA offices in person and present their Hong Kong identity card after submitting an application to open an account.

Identity verification for data protection

Once members successfully open an account, they can access the service and receive the latest reports on their MPF personal accounts. The reports include information on the distribution of their personal accounts across different trustees, as well as the names and contact phone numbers of the trustees associated with their accounts. Users who register through the mobile application will receive push notifications. If a member forgets their login names or passwords, they can request the information from the MPFA, which will be sent to their registered email address.

Maximize the use of ePA to avoid oversight

Members should make good use of ePA to avoid overlooking any forgotten accounts during the personal account consolidation process. The contact information of trustees provided by ePA can save members time searching for relevant details and ensure the accuracy of such contact information.


Senior Director & Business Development Lead, Greater China

Head of Retirement, Hong Kong & Macau

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