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Legislation update to the eMPF platform

By Elaine Hwang and William Chow | April 29, 2024

Learn about latest update to the development and implementation of the eMPF platform in Hong Kong.

After years of planning and development, the eMPF platform (“eMPF”) is almost ready to go live. The Government published in the Gazette dated 19 April 2024 the onboarding date for the first 2 MPF schemes - MASS Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme on 26 June 2024 and China Life MPF Master Trust Scheme on 29 July 2024. The tentative onboarding schedule for the other trustees is set out in the table below.

Source: eMPF website
MPF Scheme(s) Tentative Onboarding Date
BCOM Joyful Retirement MPF Scheme Q4 2024
SHKP MPF Employer Sponsored Scheme Q4 2024
BEA (MPF) Value Scheme Q4 2024
BEA (MPF) Industry Scheme, BEA (MPF) Master Trust Scheme Q1/Q2 2025
Principal MPF - Simple Plan, Principal MPF - Smart Plan, Principal MPF Scheme Series 800 Q1/Q2 2025
BOC-Prudential Easy-Choice Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, My Choice Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Q1/Q2 2025
AMTD MPF Scheme, BCT (MPF) Industry Choice, BCT (MPF) Pro Choice, BCT Strategic MPF Scheme, Manulife RetireChoice (MPF) Scheme Q1/Q2 2025
AIA MPF - Prime Value Choice Q2/Q3 2025
Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme Q2/Q3 2025
Manulife Global Select (MPF) Scheme Q3/Q4 2025
Fidelity Retirement Master Trust, Haitong MPF Retirement Fund, Hang Seng Mandatory Provident Fund - SuperTrust Plus, HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund - SuperTrust Plus Q3/Q4 2025

A reminder of what the eMPF is

For employers, the eMPF provides a one-stop platform for members to enroll in their MPF schemes and make contributions anytime and anywhere. As the eMPF is an electronic platform, it greatly reduces paperwork and processes, as well as the potential for human error, thereby enhancing efficiency. This benefit is even more pronounced for employers who offer multiple MPF providers. Employers will have to submit all MPF administration instructions to the eMPF after their MPF scheme has been onboarded on the eMPF platform. The role of the MPF trustees remains unchanged including fiduciary duties, asset custody, investment management and marketing, etc.

Next steps

We recommend you visit the eMPF website to familiarize yourself with the general concept and your role (and that of your employees’) in the eMPF. We would be happy to assist with planning/liaising with your provider, and helping you and your staff to prepare for the introduction of the eMPF.


Senior Director & Business Development Lead, Greater China

Head of Retirement, Hong Kong & Macau

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