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Food and Drink

With food and drink, it’s not just customer tastes that are constantly changing. The food and drink sector is a dynamic and complex business environment. That’s why it makes sense to have extra expertise you can rely on.

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A world of familiar challenges

Labour shortages require investment in smarter production and delivery methods. Volatility in the cost of raw materials makes costs and supply chains hard to control, yet it can be difficult to increase product prices while retaining market share. Consolidation among retailers, along with consumer movement to lower-cost options, puts further pressure on margins.

New opportunities

You have to work out the best way to welcome new opportunities – from robotics and smart mechnisation to blockchain – while still keeping a firm grasp on every existing process, from manufacturing to branding.

And increasing responsibilities

Regulators are taking ever greater interest, increasing scrutiny, altering regulations and adding new responsibilities. Meanwhile, consumers trust you to deliver products that are safe but will have their social media accounts to hand if they feel you have failed to measure up.

You want to do the right thing for the environment, for your people and customers, and want to play your part in improving health and nutrition.

What is the greatest risk and where is the greatest opportunity?

That’s where our experts can help. We’re ready to support your strategy. We can help you meet each challenge, and maximise every opportunity. We’ll do that by by helping you to recognise, understand and mitigate risks.

As a global risk adviser and broker, we have the connections to access the full insurance market so we can create the right solution for your business. Let us help you manage your risk so your strategy can succeed.

How we can help food and drink companies

We understand that nobody knows your business like you do. That is why we work with you to help you manage risk, giving your strategy for growth the best chance to succeed using our three-phase approach to risk.

Phase 1 – Explore

We’ll start by understanding your objectives and strategies so we can identify all the risks that you face.

Phase 2 – Analyse

We’ll analyse what we’ve learnt and your risk tolerance, using our suite of analytical tools. We’ll also scrutinise your claims history and your current insurance contracts.

Phase 3 - Recommend

Finally, we’ll recommend where and how you should retain or transfer risk.

The result

You’ll have an intelligent insurance and risk management programme that enhances your protection, is more efficient, and reduces costs.

Expertise in today’s food and drink sector environment

Whether it’s understanding how global politics could affect your supply chain, or knowing what blockchain will mean for food traceability, we have the expertise to advise you.

Our experts have worked in senior roles thoughout the food and drink industry. We’ve worked with every kind of company, from small family firms to global manufacturers. This is why we understand the challenges you face.

Your key contact will be a specialist from the food and drink sector, who’ll also have access to a pool of expertise that spans many other industries.

The sectors we cover

We cover all food and drink sectors. Our experts offer a wealth of expertise and experience including:

  • Supply chain risk management
  • Brand and reputational risks
  • Commercial contracts
  • Product recall
  • International legislation and regulations
  • Health and safety risk management

Access to a full range of risk and insurance solutions

As a global risk partner, we work with insurers from across existing and emerging markets to build seamless solutions. We’ll help you to identify and mitigate risks in your business and if you do suffer a loss, we can help protect your reputation and get your business back up and running with the minimum of disruption.

Expertise along the value chain

We work primarily with food and drink manufacturers and processors. Many of our clients are also active up and down the value chain, ranging from primary production to retail. We work closely with our sector colleagues to deliver seamless solutions that avoid duplication or gaps in cover for these clients.

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