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High Performance Employee Experience (HPEX)

Embracing the human edge: Unlocking organizational success through high-performance employee experiences

In today's dynamic and fast-paced business world, organizations that prioritize and foster a high-performance employee experience (HPEX) are positioned to deliver exceptional financial returns. Our cutting-edge HPEX research has uncovered the profound influence of employee experience on an organization's financial success. Organizations embracing HPEX achieve substantial revenue growth, impressive profit margins, and enhanced return on equity, surpassing global average benchmarks. These compelling results serve as a powerful reminder for organizations to invest in cultivating a thriving and positive employee experience.

So, what defines a high-performance employee experience?

It starts by prioritizing key components of the employee experience: purpose, people, work, and total rewards.
WTW's High Performance Employee Experience framework is a strategic compass to help leaders identify strengths and vulnerabilities that impact business value. This chart outlines the 4 pillars of HPEX, purpose, people, work, and total rewards, and how to accelerate through change to excellence.
WTW's High Performance Employee Experience framework is a strategic compass to help leaders identify strengths and vulnerabilities that impact business value

High-performance organizations inspire employees around their purpose, build trust in their leadership, drive a competitive position in the market through customer focus, agility and innovation, and recognize employees through transparent, and equitable pay and tailored benefits.

Unlock your potential: Four key strategies to achieve a high-performance employee experience

In the competitive world of business, leaders are always on the lookout for that special something that will give their companies an edge. Through our extensive research and advisory work with organizations worldwide, we have developed a framework for creating a high-performing employee experience. This framework consists of four key strategies that have been carefully crafted to help your organization reach new levels of success.

  1. Evaluate your Employee Experience: Gain valuable insights into your current performance against high-performing norms through turn-key surveys. Uncover areas of strength and identify opportunities for improvement.
  2. Review and modernize your total rewards program and policies: Assess the alignment of your current total rewards with employee preferences and your value proposition. Ensure you’re delivering programs that provide equitable and fair rewards and career practices, offer flexible and inclusive benefits, and support holistic wellbeing programs.
  3. Improve your employee experience and demonstrate the value of your total rewards: Connect and engage with your employees across all touchpoints by creating a digital, personalized experience that delivers relevant information. Empower employees to make informed decisions and maximize the value of their total rewards.
  4. Assess your company’s readiness for change and accelerate change: Leverage tools such as our Change Readiness Assessment and change accelerator workshops. Prioritize and strategize effectively based on data from our extensive employee and employer benchmarks.

The significance of prioritizing and cultivating a high-performance employee experience cannot be overstated. Extensive research has shown that organizations that dedicate resources and effort to fostering an exceptional employee experience achieve remarkable results. By adopting these strategies and continuously seeking ways to enhance their approach to the overall employee experience, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce and drive business outcomes, ultimately achieving sustained success.

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