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Individual Financial Review

We work with our clients and their families to create a financial roadmap towards achieving their financial goals, long term financial freedom and most importantly, peace of mind. A full review of your financial situation should be a starting point.

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In doing a full financial review, we give you the opportunity to evaluate your existing plans along with your current circumstances.

As part of this service, we will review any existing life, investment and pension policies you may hold to assess their suitability for you. This will give you peace of mind to know that your plans remain the most appropriate products available; alternatively, we will make a recommendation.


Often, we take out a protection plan and don’t think about it again. This could mean you are under insured if your personal or financial circumstances have changed/improved; or it might mean you are over insured and paying for cover you don’t necessarily need. There may also be a more competitive or comprehensive product now available to you on the market. We can evaluate your current situation and ensure that you and your family are properly protected giving you peace of mind. Alternatively, we can recommend a more suitable plan for you.


Due to a change in earnings, term to retirement, employment or your appetite/capacity to take on risk, your existing pension may need to be reviewed. We can review your plan(s) to ensure that you are funding effectively for retirement; that you are invested in the correct funds to meet your investment needs and objectives; that you are in a competitively priced contract and to ensure that you are taking full advantage of any tax relief that may be available.

Investment and savings

A change in your circumstances or in markets may mean your investments are no longer suitable for you, or there may be a more competitive product available to you. Your investments may not be performing, or the charges may be too high to realise any real growth. We can review your plan(s), the investment strategy and charging structure to maximise growth in line with your appetite and capacity for risk.

There is no fee for this service. Our consultation and recommendation is free of charge so there is no cost to you if you decide to keep your existing plans in place/if you do not go ahead with our recommendation.

Our five step process to a Full Financial Review

  • Initial Meeting: During this meeting we will complete the initial factfinding process to assess your personal and financial circumstances, financial needs and attitude to risk.
  • Financial Review: We will then gather your existing plan information in order to determine their suitability for your current situation and to see if they are still affordable for you and adequate to meet your needs.
  • Recommendation: A Suitability Report will be sent to you outlining our findings, a clear and concise comparison between your existing products (and other products available on the market), and our recommendation. You then decide if you wish to proceed with our recommendation/advice or not.
  • Implementation/Next Steps: If you decide to proceed with the recommendation, we will arrange a follow up to complete the necessary paperwork, and we will make any necessary changes to the existing plan/set up the new plan with the life company on your behalf.
  • Monitoring: We provide you with ongoing advice and support and will review your policies on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain best in class and suitable for you.

Contact us today to arrange a full financial review with our Financial Planning Team.

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