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Business Protection and Advisory

Protecting your business and ensuring its survival can extend beyond taking out liability insurance and just insuring the premises and contents. With employees, partners and directors being valued and powerful assets to any business it is important to protect against the financial and operational loss such risks entail.

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At Willis Towers Watson our Financial Planning Team are well versed in deciphering which protection is best suited to your company or individual personal needs. A major priority in any business is to ensure its continuity in the event of an unforeseen death. The effect of this on the business can be minimised through KeyPerson Cover, Shareholder Protection, Co-Director Cover, Partnership Insurance etc.

We offer a number of options to cover employees, directors, shareholders and the business itself.

Business Protection

  • Interdependence between shareholders is an integral part of many businesses in Ireland. For this reason the death or serious illness of a shareholder can result in a loss of profit, business contacts and investment. Although the surviving shareholders may want to purchase all or part of the shareholding from the ill shareholder or deceased’s estate, they may lack the capital to do so or they may be unable to agree on the value of the shareholding.
  • Business Protection Insurance provides an immediate lump sum to the survivors or to the company to secure the survival of the business on the death, disability or serious illness (depending on the contract selected at outset) of a shareholder in the company.
  • Business Protection Insurance provides the capital sum required at the right time to secure the business.
  • Business Protection Insurance is a tax effective, forward thinking business succession planning arrangement of benefit to each shareholder, his or her dependants and to the business as a whole.

Keyperson Protection

  • Keyperson Assurance is life assurance and/or specified illness cover taken out by an employer on a key director or employee, to protect the employer from the financial consequences of that individual’s death or illness.
  • Putting Keyperson Assurance in place provides the business with a lump sum payment which can help protect against loss of profits that may arise from the death or diagnosis of a specified illness of a key director or employee, much in the same way as a company will normally insure against loss of trading profits resulting from fire and other risks.

For further information, please download the brochures below.

To speak with one of our Financial Planning team about these products please email us today.

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