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The time is now for wellbeing to take centre stage

Watch the breakout session on wellbeing from Day 2 of Emerge 2021

July 21, 2021

This breakout session delved into the importance of employee wellbeing across four dimensions – physical, financial, emotional and social.
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The events of the past year have catapulted employee wellbeing to the centre stage. Employers are more committed than ever to helping their employees thrive not just physically, but also stay financially secure, emotionally balanced, and socially connected.

During this breakout session, we delved into the importance of employee wellbeing across the four dimensions – physical, financial, emotional and social – with case studies from our featured client interviews.

Our first guest speaker from Sutherland Global Services shared her experiences about the new wellbeing campaigns the company is offering to their employees, and the growing importance of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Next, our guest speakers from eBay talked about why financial wellbeing is so important to address in the wake of the pandemic, and shared a recent case study.

We also had a deep dive into the growing prevalence of defined contribution retirement plans across the region, and the impact on financial wellbeing.

Going beyond physical health to social, financial and emotional wellbeing is critical to resonate with the dynamics of the workforce.”

Lucia Ryan | Director, Financial Digital Solutions Asia and Australasia
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Associate Director, Corporate Health & Wellbeing, Asia & Australasia
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Director, Employee Experience

Director, Financial Digital Solutions, Asia and Australasia

James Williams
Director, Retirement, Japan
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