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Driving financial wellbeing with online modeling tools

EX Conversations – Asia Pacific

By Richard Body , Jeff Howatt and Lucia Ryan | February 11, 2021

Is it the numbers or the design? Our experts discuss how to make financial modeling tools successful to help employees plan their financial future.
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EX Conversations — Driving financial wellbeing with online modeling tools

As financial wellbeing concerns rise, our thought leaders discuss how online modelers can help employers and employees understand and maximize their benefits, retirement outcomes and overall financial wellbeing.

In this video, our experts turn to solutions for the growing financial wellbeing concerns that are challenging both employees and employers. One key issue is that retirement and other financial benefits can often feel abstract, and individuals may feel ill-equipped to manage them practically, as part of their daily lives. As a result, many feel anxious about their long-term financial security, and this anxiety can impact their overall wellbeing and even their health.

Financial modelers are a key tool that are gaining popularity with employers, financial institutions and pension funds. They help to bring an individual’s financial goals to life, helping them to model various long-term outcome scenarios into present-day behaviours.

How do these tools work? And what drives their success — is it the design (their “look and feel”, usability, accessibility), or is it the numbers (the robustness of the calculations, and the accuracy of the probabilities and projections for future scenarios)? Or is it a combination of both?

Watch as our experts Jeff, Rick and Lucia debate this topic, and discuss practical tips around how employers can dip their toe into the water of starting a financial wellbeing program.

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