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Global Programs

We recognize that the management of risk for an organization with assets and operations worldwide can be complex. By working with you, we can assist in bringing together your global exposures into one insurance program.

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As a global operation, it’s important to have a broker who can identify the most suitable global insurers for your placement helping ensure your policy is streamlined and “admin light”, fully compliant, while satisfying any sanctions requirements.

We are mindful that your geographic risk profile will determine your particular global servicing requirements. To this effect, our team of cargo specialists worldwide serve clients in some 140 countries, ensuring standard rules and operational procedures. Crucially, they can assist you with the challenges you may face, from local regulatory requirements or restrictions, to the practical, such as collation of risk information, language and cultural differences.

Our Cargo solution, RADAR, is an Internet-based system providing a platform from which a global policy can be managed and accessed by WTW and/or client local hubs. To learn how this can work concurrently with your global policy to streamline your administration and optimize efficiencies, get in touch with one of our specialists.

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