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The HR M&A Digital Playbook

The most effective HR M&A playbooks are tailored to an organization’s needs, governance structure and culture. Your HR M&A playbook is your guide for deal success.

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Manage all phases of the HR M&A lifecycle and ensure consistency across all deals, regardless of geography, with one interactive playbook. Choose our off-the-shelf, customized or by-subscription playbook solution.

10 reasons you need the HR M&A Digital Playbook

  1. Strengthen transaction value
  2. Increase likelihood key talent is retained
  3. Reduce risk
  4. Develop a formal deal approach, rather than rely on individual experience
  5. Help team members understand their roles and give each one a step-by-step guide
  6. Ensure version control of information and tools
  7. Save time with a library of proven templates
  8. Review key activities in one spot
  9. Update in real-time
  10. Onboard M&A community members
The first image is a cell phone preview of the of the playbook with an image of four people in business attire standing and talking.
The second image is an iPad preview of the home screen of the playbook, showing "Welcome to your HR M&A Playbook" and an image of a young woman smiling. The text shows "A typical M&A project has four key phases." Phase 1: Target assessment. Phase 2: Due diligence. Phase 3: Integration planning and closing activities. Phase 4: Integration execution.
Screenshots of the HR M&A Digital Playbook

One central location…
Four phases

Phase 1

Target assessment: Confirm the strategic rationale of the deal

Phase 2

Due diligence: Validate rationale, identify risks and mitigation plans

Phase 3

Integration planning & closing activities: Integration strategy, value creation activities and risk mitigation activities

Phase 4

Integration execution: Delivering the HR Integration Plan

Ensure you’re expertly addressing HR-related challenges

  • Change management & communication
  • Project management
  • Culture & leadership
  • Talent identification & retention
  • Labor relations
  • Total rewards
  • Organization design & staffing

The HR M&A Digital Playbook is powered by Embark

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